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13 Key Benefits of Content Marketing for Small Businesses

Content marketing isn’t a new topic for people in the digital marketing industry. Business owners and entrepreneurs are also intrigued about this effective strategy. Content marketing is one effective approach to drive sales.

From attracting a target audience to keeping your current customers engaged, almost every digital marketing agency in Auckland trust the inbound marketing strategy. Here are the top benefits of using a content marketing strategy.

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Good for search engine optimization

Previously, keyword stuffing was one of the effective methods used to increase the rankings of any website. However, it is not the best approach to elevate the search engine rankings of a business website. A top social media agency Auckland doesn’t prefer the techniques. Moreover, the search engines have advanced algorithms that let them evaluate the content quality. Every company must produce high-quality content consistently.

Quality content boosts web traffic

A business site with engaging and effective content will increase the traffic. If a company posts more than sixteen blogs per month, it can yield three times more web traffic than companies posting less than five. If you are looking for ways to increase web traffic, it is essential to publish quality content consistently.

Generate more leads

Every individual gets to know about the product before buying it. Today’s consumers have access to various resources that help them pick a better brand, product or service. With content marketing, you can generate leads for your business.  

Increases your website credibility

Unlike top brands, small businesses have to start building their brand authority and credibility in the online world. Various elements like logos and client reviews are essential to make your website trustworthy. Users trust websites that include more relevant content as it shows the organization is well informed.

Elevates the probability of closing the deal

When people read the content on your website or post on social media sites, it is the first step to enhance converting the generated lead into a potential customer. Ads are annoying for some users, and they tend to block ads on their browsers. Content marketing is the vital choice to promote your products or service. 

Helps your potential customers to know about your company

From blog posts to marketing videos and Facebook ads Auckland, you can use content marketing to educate your audience. A good content marketing strategy can help business owners to communicate with the target audience and increase brand awareness.

Beat the competition in any industry

Every business uses the power of the internet to thrive in the industry. Your competitors also have access to all the features, from marketing channels to advanced tools. It is important to create a better content marketing strategy that gives your business an edge over others.

Aids brand loyalty

Customers have various options to choose from, but they pick your brand. A content marketing strategy can help to elevate brand loyalty as first-time buyers get impressed and influenced. This results in increasing your loyal customer base, and they will choose your brand over and over again.

Elevates your social media presence

It is hard to evaluate the right social media marketing Auckland as the trends, and audience mindset keep changing constantly. A content marketing strategy can help business owners to strengthen their social media presence. When you share content on social media, people will engage and interact with your business. Moreover, you can promote your business as well as educate your audience through social media management Auckland.

Better relationship with customers

The relationship between customers and companies is crucial these days. A maximum number of consumers are ready to splurge for a better experience. A small blog post that highlights customers’ pain points can address your product or service as the solution to tackle the issue. Customers experiencing the problems addressed in your blog post can consider your product or service.

Better brand recognition

How do you consider one brand as a well-recognized brand? You will be hearing the brand name in your social circle or getting suggestions from a reliable person. For instance, you will prefer the branded clothing that your friend suggested. That’s how content marketing works for your business. 

Most people turn to search engines for suggestions during a product purchase or find solutions for their problems. When they see your name at the top of search engine results, they will consider your brand as credible, increasing your brand recognition. A content marketing strategy can help you out.

Business owners can control the conversation

When a customer is looking for a product, it will be easier to sell it. For instance, a brand that sells premium bedding can find customers looking for inexpensive bedding options. During this time, you can emphasize the importance of purchasing premium quality bedding through a blog post or Facebook Advertising Auckland. If they understand your point, it will be easier to sell the product.

Offers co-marketing opportunities

This is yet another benefit of content marketing. Ensure that your co-marketin partners have associated with your website but not a direct competitor.

Finding the Right Social Media Platforms for Your Business

Though there are various marketing methods available to promote a product or service, social media is an effective tool used by business owners. You can consider using this excellent tool to reach your target audience. However, it is vital to find a relevant social media platform for your business. 

Every business is different and so are the customers. You cannot randomly choose one social media platform that is familiar to your target audience. People use many social media platforms, and it differs from one person to another.

Moreover, some social media platforms are popular among certain age groups. Similarly, the way people interact with the content is also based on the platform. As there are several factors to consider, you can use the below strategies to choose the right social media platform for your business.

Commence researching about your target audience

Social media marketing Auckland is all about connecting with your potential customers and improving your brand authenticity by building long-lasting relationships among the existing customers. Ensure you choose a social media platform in which your target audience are active. 

It can be more than one digital platform, and you have to make considerable efforts in promoting your brand on all social media platforms. No matter how popular the social media platform is, you have to concentrate on the customers. Moreover, internet users have around eight social media accounts, so you can consider curating your social media strategy accordingly.

Define your business goals

It is crucial to consider several factors like your products, services, brand personality and goals to accomplish. These elements will also impact the social media platform selection. For instance, a jewellery store can promote its products on Instagram. If you are providing home improvement services in the local area, you can consider Facebook ads Auckland.

For B2B enterprises, LinkedIn can be the ideal choice. However, a brand is not limited to specific social media platforms. Many top companies have social media pages on every platform to connect with customers easily. You have to evaluate the right platform to promote your business by considering all these factors.

With the help of a digital marketing company in Auckland, you can easily choose the right social media platform. Moreover, you can align the social media goals as per the business objective. 

Whether you promote the products or elevate brand awareness, there may be several reasons for a business to initiate social media marketing. If you want to increase engagement, create content and share with your potential or existing customers.

Check your competitors’ social accounts in the industry

Competitive analysis is crucial in curating every marketing strategy. From industry leaders to start-ups, a business cannot skip this part. If you get precise knowledge of your contender’s marketing techniques, it will be easier to create a better strategy for your business. 

When it comes to competitor analysis, a social media agency Auckland will utilize valuable insights like the social media platforms used by competitors and whether it is working for them or not. Moreover, experts will also check the engagement and interaction of the target audience in every channel.

Determine the type of content you want to post

Every social media platform necessitates the content creators to generate content that goes in sync. It is essential to consider the type of content you post. For instance, Instagram is the best choice if you choose to share image-based content. 

social media marketing company chooses the content-type based on several factors like the industry, brand and target audience. Blog posts, Podcasts, user-generated content, eBooks, whitepapers, videos, and images are popular content types widely used in several industries.

As specified earlier, the content type will change in every platform, and the way of communication also differs from one platform to another. You can check Twitter to know what’s trending in the region, and LinkedIn is a great platform to improve your professional network. 

Before choosing the right social media platform, ensure that you know about the available channels. When it comes to social media management Auckland, business owners trust expert social media marketers. You can always count on social media executives to promote your business on multiple channels.

Above all, the content created for promotion should suit the social media platform. If you have created profile pages on various social media platforms, ensure that the content is tailored to fit the requirements of a particular channel. Your target audience may follow the company’s profile page on various social media platforms, so ensure that the same message is passed across all your channels. 

If you are looking for the best marketing team to curate the best social media strategies and campaigns, we are here to assist. Our expert social media executives are branding experts with years of experience in digital marketing. Get in touch with our team to promote your business on social media platforms.

Are Facebook ads worth it

Yes, it is!! Facebook ads are crucial in social media marketing Auckland to win over the audience. As the decades-old email marketing still helps businesses to lure their target audience, Facebook ads can yield fruitful results without any doubt.

Due to the advent of new social media platforms and issues with Facebook pixel, business owners have concerns in running Facebook ads Auckland. If you have been thinking the same, it’s time to reconsider your decision.

As digital marketing techniques thrive in every industry, Facebook is one of the excellent tools to grow your business online. Facebook ads work, and here are the top reasons why investing in the campaigns are worth it.

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Reasons why Facebook ads are worth it

When you are running an ad campaign, it is crucial to focus on the target audience. Facebook makes both targeting and retargeting easy for any social media agency Auckland with a multitude of targeting options. The basic categories include core audiences, custom audiences and lookalike audiences.

Basic targeting options 

Core Audience 

You can provide detailed information about the target customers like age, interests, location and more. These demographics will help in finding potential customers.

Custom Audience 

You can get in touch with the individuals who were previously involved with your business.

Lookalike Audience 

People are more likely to turn into your customers when they have similar interests to those of your customers.


Retargeting is yet another important element of Facebook advertising Auckland that helps you get in touch with potential customers who have already interacted with your business in anyways. The best way to use retargeting ads is by displaying the products in the newsfeed.

Potential customers will see already viewed products on the website, products added in their cart or products whose ads gained interaction previously. These retargeting ads are effective and affordable, so it is all about executing the Facebook ads correctly.

Moreover, you can decide where your ads should be displayed, depending on your campaign goals. A digital marketing agency in Auckland displays the Fb ads in various places like feeds, stories, In-stream, search, messenger, Facebook instant articles, and external apps.

Custom Audience

Custom and lookalike audiences are a great choice. Though we have mentioned the custom audience previously, it is vital to emphasize more. Facebook ads are effective when it comes to finding the target audience.

If a digital marketing company install Facebook pixels in your website, the data can be of great use, and you can find the target audience with contact lists, website data and app data. The best thing about Facebook ads is retargeting the potential customers with reference to their activity on the website.

It is vital to connect with a new audience for business growth, and it is possible to show ads for potential customers who have similar interests to your existing customers. Facebook understands your source audience and endeavours to find people who have similar interests.

If individuals like things or behave like your current customers, the probability of conversion is high. The digital marketing agency in Auckland will create lookalike customers based on the best existing customers. These people might have made a purchase previously, signed up for your email list or performed any crucial actions.

Helpful analytics 

It is difficult for novice users to understand Facebook analytics, but every top social media agency Auckland knows the value of the data available. Though Facebook Analytics was shut down months ago, you can still access the data in Facebook Business Manager.

Facebook offers ultimate data like page analytics, ad analytics, audience insights, FB live data, Facebook video info, and group analytics. With this information, the digital agencies will inform how your ad is performing.

Advertise in top two platforms simultaneously 

Yes, you get to advertise on Instagram through the Facebook Business Manager. There is no need to splurge more or generate new ad creatives, as you can run the same to gain maximum reach. You either choose automatic placements or manual placements to show the ads.

Automatic placement is a suggested option as Facebook places your ad to yield the best results. You know that Instagram is the top social media platform with millions of users. Using Facebook advertising Auckland for your business is an advantage as you get to advertise on two top social media platforms effectively.

Final thoughts 

If you are a small or medium-sized business, Facebook ads are important, and you can hire an expert to take care of social media management Auckland. If you don’t have an in-house team to manage social media, outsourcing to a digital marketing agency would be an ideal move. 

You can get in touch with our team as we have several years of experience in offering the best digital marketing services to businesses of all sizes. If you want to know how Facebook ads can positively influence your business, it’s time to get in touch with our digital marketing experts. They understand your business goals and elucidate the ways in which you can elevate the business.