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On Friday 22 October, the Government announced a support package for Auckland businesses affected by alert level restrictions, and as the country transitions to the new COVID-19 Protection Framework.

We are pleased to announce that we have signed up to become a provider of this package, which assists Auckland businesses in getting access to funding:

Activate Tmaki Makaurau was established to connect existing Auckland businesses with this assistance. It’s an opportunity to help the business community navigate the current environment and establish more resilient businesses by assisting them in making difficult decisions, grabbing future possibilities, and adapting as needed to help high performance level.

For Auckland firms, it’s been a long path. This assistance might be able to help you ensure your company’s future. Consider what kind of help your company needs right now and what will help it the most in the upcoming months.

Do you have a question? Please give us a call to discuss, or go to our site for Activate Tmaki Makaurau.

Do you want to sign up and apply for funding? Here are the following steps to help you grow your business.:

1. Start your registration and submit:
2. You will go through basic vetting and get a login to the platform
3. Login and select Purplesoft as your preferred provider and request a proposal.
4. We’ll get in touch with you to talk about your requirements and produce a proposal for submission and review.

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