Google E-E-A-T and its Importance in SEO

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SEO services have become the need of the hour, and customers might have to depend on reputed SEO company in Auckland to gain maximum visibility. Google, the leading search engine, keeps changing its algorithm to enhance the quality of the sites. In the yesteryears, websites with high-volume content reached an elevated position on the ranking page. However, the trends have significantly changed, and the focus is on quality rather than quantity. The latest SEO updates emphasise the focus on E-E-A-T. Though E-A-T is not new to the Google Algorithm, the addition of Double E is expected to change the SEO arena significantly. As the leading SEO Agency in Auckland, we have undertaken the responsibility to infuse the significance of this development in our projects.

What is Google E-E-A-T?

This is the acronym for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. This denotes the guidelines determined by Google to assess the quality of the website content. The search engine believes that high-quality content is more likely to provide users with relevant information and should be ranked higher. This is especially true for YMYL segments. YMYL means Your Money or Your Life industries such as healthcare, finance, legal, etc. The information on these sites will have a direct impact on the livelihood of the readers. Hence, Google has strengthened the content guidelines through E-E-A-T.
This will be inclusive of


This denotes the experience of the author. The person writing the content should have relevant knowledge and extensive understanding of the segment. It is imperative to develop expert opinion content that would benefit the readers. This shows the writers’ proficiency in presenting the content to the search engine and readers.


Several visitors will land on your website when it appears at the top of search engine results. When everything falls in perfectly, the chances of potential prospects turning into customers are more. A great SEO campaign is the first thing you’ll ever need to improve website visibility. Subsequently, things will turn in favor of your business with continuous endeavors.
Navigating users to the contact page will help you achieve immediate response as customers can discuss directly with you. Also, keep your social media links on the website. It will help you reach the next level of relationship with your potential customers.


The website’s authority is built by developing backlinks from reputed sites. Business owners can also create the authority of their sites by featuring their content on industry websites. When people have expertise and experience in the segment, it is natural to have the necessary popularity.


In the digital era, it has been a constant challenge for companies to build trust and retain credibility. One of the key ways to accomplish this is by providing up-to-date information on the website. Companies must also have a proper privacy policy to ensure the contact information is updated.

How can SEO Agency in Auckland Assist with the development of Google E-E-A-T content?

It is natural for customers to ponder if handling this technique by themselves is viable. However, this would require consistent research and content development. Business owners might not have the time to develop effective strategies to cope with the evolving trends amidst other priorities. SEO is an ongoing battle where companies must undertake various initiatives to stay ahead of the race. However, Purplesoft, Auckland’s most credible SEO company, can help customers achieve this goal systematically.

Conduct a thorough Website Audit

Our team of SEO service experts will analyse the client’s website and other online forums to understand the current condition. This enables us to verify if the content and other media meet the E-E-A-T guidelines. Sometimes, companies might undertake specific measures for faster results, compromising the content’s quality.

Development of Content Strategy

We will then devise a content marketing strategy to help the clients position their company in the right place. We will understand customer expectations and research the industry trends and other relevant information. We will use this information to develop informative and engaging content.

Back-linking building strategies

SEO services are not just about on-site optimisation. It is also about developing outreach campaigns, guest blogging and other link-building activities. Our extensive expertise enables us to identify the right platform for these activities.

Metric Management

The next step would involve closely monitoring the performance of the content and making the relevant strategies to accomplish them. It would be prudent to closely monitor the digital presence and ensure they meet the E-E-A-T standards. As the leading SEO Agency in Auckland, we also closely monitor the competitor’s performance and work accordingly.

What are the advantages of having a high E-E-A-T score?

Companies can relish various benefits when they follow these guidelines. This would be inclusive of

Higher search engine rankings:

Websites with high E-E-A-T scores are more probable to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). This means more people will see your website when searching for relevant keywords.

Increased traffic and leads:

Higher search engine rankings lead to increased traffic and leads to your website. This can help you grow your business and reach more customers.

Improved brand reputation:

A high E-E-A-T score tells potential customers that your site is trustworthy and that your content is high-quality. This can help you enhance your brand reputation and attract more customers.
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