Social Media Marketing in Auckland

Purplesoft, the leading Social Media Marketing Agency in Auckland, offers quality, innovative and economical solutions. We have a team of skilled professionals with extensive experience in Auckland’s social media optimization. We develop strategies to garner maximum Auckland social media engagement for our clientele. We aim to develop cost-effective Social media advertising in Auckland solutions for small businesses and major corporations.

What are the services offered by Purplesoft?

Facebook Marketing

Facebook has nearly 2.95 million users in the region. As the leading Auckland social media advertising agency, Purplesoft develops effective campaigns to garner customer attention and improve brand visibility. Our dedicated team consistently monitors customer performance and creates effective strategies.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter helps companies express their opinions about trending topics and market their products simultaneously. Our Social Media content creation in Auckland team navigates the word count limit enforced by the platform to develop exciting and informative content.

Instagram Marketing

With over 2.15 million users, Instagram ads are expected to reach around 41.3 per cent of the population. Our team will evaluate the current trends in the medium and develop thumb-stopping concepts and creative. This helps our clients to attract new customers while retaining the existing customer base.

LinkedIn Marketing

This medium is vital for B2B clients who yearn to connect with the top decision-makers in the company. It is imperative to develop informative and exciting data that will define the course of Auckland social media strategy.

YouTube Marketing

With over 4.24 million users, these videos and short reels have been instrumental in connecting with a wide range of customers. Our team will help customers maintain an active YouTube page and develop aesthetically appealing ads.

Pinterest Marketing

This medium can be quite effective for promoting the brand and inspiration. We help clients to develop exciting infographics and images.

What are the benefits of hiring a Social Media Marketing Company in Auckland?

When people hire Purplesoft, we work towards critical goals that would help customers to enhance their online presence. We have extensive experience developing Auckland Social Media strategy that enhances us to offer value for money. Here are some core benefits of hiring a social media marketing agency.
The social media presence will encourage the customers to visit the site and even increase the scope of lead generation. These campaigns aim to gather customer information and develop personalized campaigns. This is the primary step in enhancing product or service sales.
social media marketing Auckland
When companies have a solid social media presence, they have a higher possibility of staying connected with their potential target group. This will allow them to keep their customer updated about their latest services and products.
Auckland social media campaigns are not just a one-way communication tool. The customers share their opinion and even provide insights about the product. This enables them to develop practical solutions focused on improving customer experience. Our dedicated team will closely monitor these interactions and keep the clients posted.
Auckland social media marketing services are quite economical than traditional marketing methods. The companies will have a better chance of measuring the outcomes and garnering brand visibility. This is why these mediums provide a better return on investment for their marketing budget.
When people plan their marketing budget, they invest them across all mediums. Our team will understand the client’s budget and develop the right blend of organic and paid campaigns. This effective strategy enables our clients to get the expected results without a dent in their budget. We are well-versed in the field, which allows us to achieve exemplary results in all packages.
Customers feel more connected with the company with a solid social media presence. This will make associate more with the evolving changes and even market trends. This tends to improve brand loyalty significantly.

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How do leading companies manage social media marketing in Auckland?

Customers might often wonder why they should hire Auckland Social Media Marketing services. Handling a business page is not similar to managing a personal account. When people outsource the task to a Social Media Marketing Agency, we follow a systematic approach to get the best results. We have a dedicated team that will be solely focused on developing innovative concepts and delivering effective solutions. Our process is as follows.
social media marketing agency in Auckland
One of the essential aspects of Digital Marketing is that people will have the opportunity to determine their goals and develop campaigns to accomplish them. Every aspect of the medium is metric-oriented, and people can get the best outcomes within their budget. Our team will have a detailed discussion and understand their expectations regarding brand visibility, lead generation, and sales. This information enables us to finalise the short-term and long-term deliverables.
The next step would be to understand the behaviour of the potential target group. This step lets the company know more about the customers’ needs and develop practical solutions. This empowers us to create consumer-centric campaigns. At this stage, we will also research the critical aspects regarding competitor behaviour. This is pivotal as people tend to notice the more exciting and appealing campaigns.
Various social media platforms have millions of active users. However, companies need not have a strong presence across all mediums. Our responsible as a Social Media Marketing company in Auckland is to find the right platform that would be effective. This can be a combination of different platforms. This will be solely based on the target group and the product or service type.
We will develop a social media plan once we have gathered all the relevant information. This will be inclusive of both organic and paid campaigns. We will determine the right blend to maximize the outcomes. This is an ongoing process as we consistently analyse the customer response and make the necessary changes.
The next step is to create a calendar and develop content. This will be on par with the Auckland social media trends and reflect the brand personality. We are conscious about developing effective campaigns that will garner maximum customer response.
A key advantage of social media is that it allows companies to communicate with their potential target group. This helps us gather relevant feedback, address concerns and improve overall. This has been effective in enhancing brand credibility.
Our team will consistently measure the performance of the campaigns and the page itself. This enables us to ensure we have achieved our targets and make changes to improve them, This is a continual process as it helps our clients stay connected and improve their visibility.

Why do people choose Purplesoft as their Social Media Marketing Agency in Auckland?

Purplesoft, the leading Social Media Marketing company in Auckland has extensive experience in the field. We have had the opportunity to work with clients from different industries. We have a team of qualified Auckland social media optimization consultants who are well-versed in the field. We have an in-depth understanding of the nuances of the sector that empowers us to develop effective strategies. We have a structured protocol that enables us to create effective solutions. Our team has comprehensive experience working on Social media community management in Auckland that allows us to help our clients connect with their potential target group. We have various packages to assist customers with varied budgets. We follow utmost transparency and focus keenly on attaining the expected outcomes.
SMM Services in Auckland


1. How can I use social media advertising to reach my target audience in Auckland?
Yes, Social Media Marketing in Auckland can help companies build a meaningful relationship with their target group. This medium has effectively understood the customers’ core requirements and developed practical concepts. Our company plays a integral role in helping businesses attain maximum visibility.
2. Can you provide some examples of successful social media marketing campaigns run by Auckland businesses?
Almost all businesses have a social media presence. It is imperative to have a strong presence that will help firms stay ahead of the competition. Social Media Marketing Agency in Auckland help customers to identify their effective platform and develop interactive campaigns. Our team will be delighted to share our portfolio and case studies.
3. What is the average cost of social media marketing services in Auckland?
The cost would depend on the type of Auckland social media strategy. We have various packages that help companies to get the best outcomes within their budget. Our team will evaluate the core expectations of the customers and develop practical solutions.
4. Which social media platforms should I focus on for marketing my business in Auckland?
Facebook is the most popular platform in the region. However, our social media consultants in Auckland will evaluate your company’s needs and identify a suitable medium. We will analyze customer behaviour, competition and other relevant aspects to determine the ideal plan. Our team will continuously analyse the campaigns and make the necessary changes.
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