How To Optimise your Website For Google’s Page Experience Updates In 2023

Google Page Experience in Auckland
Are you looking for ways to improve your digital presence? Optimizing your website design in Auckland is not just another complex process but a necessity. Google, the prominent search engine across the globe, determines the page rank of your website through a series of algorithms. These guidelines are becoming more user-centric by the minute. This is mainly due to the high competition in the segment. Almost all businesses have understood the need for a digital presence. This means they create and maintain a functional website that helps them stay connected with their customers. However, this does not necessarily imply they attain a top position in the search results.

How does web design in Auckland determine the site position?

Yes, you heard it right. We are talking about the overall design and not just the content. The process was quite simple in the yesteryear when companies focused on developing excessive content and even built links from third-party websites. The primary goal was to focus on quantity. However, this might not work any longer as the search engine does keep adapting the algorithm to meet the customer expectations. Companies can no longer focus on just search engine ranking. They will also have to focus on the user experience.

How does Google’s page Experience impact the brand visibility?

The Page experience was determined as a ranking factor since 2020. There have been considerable changes in this avenue over the past few years. The search engine would evaluate the user’s behaviour based on their activity on the site. For instance, if the user spends more time on the websites and navigates through different pages, the website will be better positioned. However, the rank will be affected if the user leaves the site within a few seconds. Google will usually rank the website design in Auckland using these three significant factors.

Loading speed

Purplesoft, the Leading SEO company in Auckland, says people rely on online forums for quicker information. They might not have the time to wait for the results to load. They might want them in seconds rather than minutes. The loading speed has a straightforward impact on the user experience.


How responsive a web page is to user input is also an essential factor in page experience. Users anticipate web pages to be responsive and are more likely to be frustrated by a web page that is slow to respond to their clicks and taps. SEO agency Auckland does extensive testing to understand the interactivity of the site.

Visual stability

Is your site loading consistently? Then, it will impact the user experience. Users expect webpages to be visually stable. They are more likely to leave the area and even refuse to revisit it if it constantly moves around while loading.

What are the latest updates in Google Page Experience 2023?

Leading website design Auckland companies consistently follow the latest announcements in the segment. It is pivotal to upgrade the site to meet the necessary standards. This is because it will ensure the website stays ahead of the competition. It might seem like a tedious task, but it is essential to sustain your business. People can outsource the task to an SEO Agency in Auckland that will better understand this algorithm. Some of the Core Web Vitals in the latest update include.

Largest Contentful Paint

LCP measures the time taken for the most significant content element to load. If it loads faster, then the performance would be better. This LCP can be an image, video or even a text block. A good LCP score is estimated to be under 2.5 seconds.

First Input Delay

This would measure the time the website takes to interact with the user’s command. If the customers click on a page, the search engine will calculate the time taken by the browser to respond. The FID score should be under 100 milliseconds.

Cumulative Layout Shift

This aspect will measure the site layout change while it is loading. The different elements on the page can determine this. The CLS score will be under 0.1 if the site is optimised correctly.

How do SEO agencies optimise the site for better scores?

This is an ongoing process where the companies will thoroughly evaluate the site’s performance through various tests to determine different device performances. They will then undertake the necessary measures to correct the issues to improve the overall user experience. Businesses must hire a reputed company like Purplesoft to determine how to optimize the page. We will undertake the proper techniques to improve the page ranking. Some of the typical measures include

Improving Website loading speed:

This is done by consistently optimising the content and undertaking measures to prevent lags in the system.

Ensuring that web design in Auckland is Mobile Friendly:

The website design in Auckland should also be mobile friendly to get the best results. Our team will test it extensively to get the best results.

Using HTTPs:

This safety protocol encrypts all the data and improves credibility.

Eliminating intrusive interstitials:

The pop-ups and ads can block the site from loading properly. Leading SEO companies in Auckland will take steps to avoid them.

Improving on Core Web Vitals:

Our team will closely monitor the latest updates and address them effectively.
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